The seeds in creating “Frankie’s Mission” were planted by a boy named Francesco Loccisano, aka Frankie, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was only 14 years old. Frankie had lived a happy, full and active life until he was found sick. As he fought cancer, he realized there were people in this world, especially his young fellow cancer warriors, who were facing very difficult journeys through no fault of their own. He was very motivated to launch his own foundation when he reached a cure. However, he did not just tell his family and friends of his intentions. He inspired them with his vision for the future, and he filled them with an energetic passion toward helping others.


Frankie never reached that cure. He passed two weeks after his 17th birthday, and all those who loved him knew they must continue his legacy and carry out his wishes. One month later, Frankie’s family, friends, neighbors, coaches and teachers crowded around a long kitchen table. On that evening, a team of dedicated people of all ages, and with high hopes, big dreams, and a strong work ethic, launched a grass-roots effort. “Frankie’s Mission” was born.


Frankie’s Mission has grown into an active, effective and fiscally responsible organization that spans its assistance to families of children with cancer nationwide. Demonstrating integrity and dedication,Frankie’s Mission has identified the dire need to help families when they reach an out of control financial crisis due to the overwhelming nature of their child’s illness and medical care. Funds raised to support Frankie’s Mission come from individuals,families, businesses, corporations and full communities. The end result is assistance that is channeled directly to children with cancer in the most humane, compassionate and dignified manner possible.