September 2, 1990 – September 14, 2007

Frankie was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the oldest of three brothers. A leader from an early age, he enjoyed popularity among his many friends and he loved to play sports. A very bright student, he attended Xaverian High School where he studied in their prestigious IB Honors Program.


A lover of the political arena and a talented creative writer, Frankie was a novel reader and he enjoyed the fine works of great authors. The NY Yankees and NY Giants were his teams. He loved Robert DeNiro films, video games and Friday night card games with his buddies. He enjoyed a good and fair political debate, and he was an extremely articulate speaker. Studying law and practicing as a public prosecutor was a very serious goal for him. He also had thoughts of entering into a political career in his later years. His political views were moderate and his oft repeated words were “Depends on the issue!”


At the age of 14, Frankie was diagnosed with bone cancer and then leukemia, he endured extremely invasive treatments, countless surgeries, and constant procedures during a span of 27 months. Through it all, Frankie demonstrated an unmatched courage and an indomitable and prayerful spirit. As an older pediatric patient, he greatly understood the enormity of what it meant to be so young and fighting for life instead of enjoying life. It is in this spirit and in Frankie’s memory that his foundation carries out its important mission. So important was this mission to Frankie, that they were among the last words he communicated to his family and friends.